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From the Tropics to the Snow

For the past nine years, Eden Roa Seriña has made history in the snowboard racing world as the first and only female representative of the Philippines - a tropical country with no snow. In the international racing arena, she faces powerhouse teams from Switzerland, Italy, Austria and the United States, as well as other countries boasting ideal winter weather conditions and premier mountain parks. Despite the seemingly difficult barriers, Eden has become a strong competitor on the World Cup circuit, the highest level of racing competition.

After her first season of competing locally, Eden qualified to race at the 2000 USA Snowboard Association National Championships, where she placed second in her division in the giant slalom. Within a year, she began competing internationally under the Philippine flag on the World Cup circuit and raced at the 2001 Snowboard World Championships in Madonna di Campiglio, Italy. She has consistently placed among the world’s top fifty, and has competed in four consecutive Snowboard World Championships.

Despite her rapid success in the racing arena, Eden has a completely unrelated history to snowboarding and was introduced to the sport only a few years ago. Born the youngest of four children, Eden spent much of her early years moving, living several years in the Philippines before her family settled in Southern California. A natural athlete, Eden participated on both her high school Varsity basketball and track and field teams.

After high school, Eden left California and moved to New York City to attend university and pursue a business career on Wall Street, a dream of hers since she was five years old. At New York University, she majored in Finance and Marketing, minored in Psychology, and was active in extracurricular activities, including: Delta Sigma Pi, a co-ed business fraternity, University fashion shows, theatrical productions, intramural sports, and part-time employment. Upon graduation, Eden fulfilled a lifelong dream when she accepted a position at Salomon Brothers, a premier Wall Street investment bank.

Eden encountered destiny in 1997 when she tried snowboarding for the first time at her brother’s insistence. Over the next several years, snowboarding became a strong passion that grew with such intensity that she decided to leave the corporate world in order to dedicate her life to snowboarding. With the full support of her family, Eden relocated to Vail, Colorado, to pursue her dream.

After six years of full-time racing, Eden entered the qualifying season for the 2006 Winter Olympics with years of experience under her belt and a pinpoint focus of becoming the first-ever female athlete to represent the Philippines at the Winter Olympics. She had already fulfilled one of two Olympic qualification criteria by reaching the mandatory point level when she placed third in the Finland National Championships. Unfortunately, she narrowly missed achieving the second criteria, a top 25th placing in the World Cup Olympic qualifiers, only to have it fulfilled in the World Cup immediately following the Winter Olympics.

For the past two years, Eden has been employed as a Senior Financial Analyst at the Walt Disney Animation Studios while continuing to train and race competitively – both nationally and at her fourth consecutive Snowboard World Championships in 2007. With the upcoming 2010 Winter Olympics, Eden has decided to rededicate her life to snowboard racing and is once again leaving the corporate life behind to focus on racing against the world’s best at the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver, Canada.

As the sole representative of the Philippines on the World Cup Circuit, Eden trains intensely and competes all over the world to fight for the few coveted spots at the upcoming Winter Games. Her success not only fulfills personal goals and dreams, but also embodies the aspirations, honor and pride of a country and its people.


Eden Roa Serina

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